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6th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE)


ICLaVE is one of the most important fora for research on language variation in Europe. It brings together scholars of  European languages and language varieties to discuss empirical, methodological and theoretical issues in the study of language variation and change on the continent. Scholars in many area of linguistics, such as historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, dialectology, sociolinguistics, phonetics, etc. are invited to submit their proposals. 


Dates: June 29-July 1 2011

Plenary speakers:

Joan Bresnan (Stanford University)
Sjef Barbiers (Meertens Instituut and Utrecht University)
Arnulf Deppermann (IDS Mannheim)


Local Organising Committee:

Peter Auer, Juliane Besters-Dilger, Göz Kaufmann, Bernd Kortmann, Christian Mair, Stefan Pfänder, Guido Seiler


International Scientific Committee:

Frans Hinskens (Meertens Instituut & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Paul Kerswill (Lancaster University)
Tore Kristiansen (University of Copenhagen)
Mats Thelander (University of Uppsala)
Juan Villena Ponsoda (University of Malaga)
Stavroula Tsiplakou (University of Cyprus)